hello main framers,

i've got a bunch of nice and esoteric gear for making movies and other
photographic arts. if anyone is interested in the following, make me and
offer. i live in lovely Pilsen.

Sony Handycam Hi-8 camcorder
Videonics AB-1 NTSC analog/digital edit suite
Sharp XR-1S video projector (needs bulb)

Moviscop 16mm viewer (needs new bulb)
16mm cement splicer
Bell and Howell DL-70 16mm movie camera

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (yes, i've made art with this)
Xbox 360 (i've also made art with this)

Polaroid Impulse instamatic camera
Minolta AF-Sv 35mm still camera
Minolta AF-Tele 35mm still camera
Pentax IQZoom 35mm still camera

i've also got a few non-art related things if you're interested - take a
peek at em if you decide to come by.

see you soon,

LJFREZZA.COM <http://ljfrezza.com> / 904.762.8300
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