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I'm not sure who is selling the S8 black leader these days, but I think your 
idea of fogging the film might be better than using leader.  I used black 
leader as an element of a film once, and it caused a lot of problems during 
projection because the leader is much thicker than film, so the splices were an 
issue. Lots of jumping in the gate, that sort of thing.
Tara Merenda Nelson

On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 12:58 PM, Willis McCumber <> 

Dear frameworkers,
I'm editing a super 8 film and looking for about 20 mins worth of black leader. 
My best idea so far is to look for a large lot of outdated film, fog it, and 
process it by hand as a negative. My question is whether anyone knows of a 
supplier that might have such a thing on hand where I might be able to buy it.

Willis McCumber

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