I agree and I love you Marilyn !!!

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Dear Dave Tetzlaff,  It would be nice if you would stop attributing positions 
and opinions to people that those people don't have, or suggesting, by 
implication, that they do things they don't do.  You have no idea who I charge 
and who I don't charge, or whether I ever "demand" anything at all. And one 
thing you are leaving out is that all people, in various walks of life, not 
just in the art world, but including in the art world, do have a "right" to 
charge other people for services provided.  If time and money is being spent to 
provide a service, one has a "right" to charge for the service given (if one so 
chooses).  If expertise and advice is wanted, one has the "right" to charge for 
that expertise and advice (if one so chooses).  Fred Camper and I (sometimes) 
collect fees for a service that we provide.  This has nothing to do with 
copyright law.  However, as to the separate question of copyright and fair use, 
what is "fair use" is obviously determined in part by whether or not the use is 
"of a commercial nature" (vs research, criticism, teaching purposes), as well 
as by the nature of the work, the amount used, and "the effect of the use upon 
the . . . value of the copyrighted work."  The original discussion here began 
over someone who was inquiring about how to obtain "high resolution images . . 
.  for a book".  Obviously there are sources and methods that are better or 
worse, for various reasons.  But "permission" is another matter.  -- People 
sometimes do, but often don't, ask my "permission" to use images.  They are 
more likely to contact us simply to ask if we can provide them. However, while 
there are, of course, many things that one does not have to ask any permission 
for, I do appreciate the consideration of those people who do ask for 
permission for various different uses of Brakhage work.  And if you are really 
of the general opinion that "asking permission of anyone for anything is 
ideologically regressive, and frankly irresponsible" -- well, I guess you live 
in a different universe than I do. 

No more time for this conversation I'm afraid.  Much too busy (providing mostly 
free services).

Marilyn Brakhage

On 3-Oct-15, at 11:38 AM, Dave Tetzlaff wrote:

  If Marilyn deems it appropriate to charge 'small' fees that go to Fred for 
his labor in providing "high quality images to represent the films", that seems 
fair, but her 'small' could be a struggling PhD student or fan-blogger's 
bridge-to-far, and she has no right to exclude their ability to participate in 
discourse around the films by using any fee, or a demand for any aspect of 
reproduction, as a gateway obstruction. 

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