I saw The Loom for the first time a few weeks ago - much of it is shot from 
fixed vantage points looking into a chicken pen (the image becomes layered - 
other barnyard animals enter - painted images are superimposed, as are flames, 
if memory serves). Perhaps others can correct me if my description here is 
inaccurate; but I think it fits very well with what Heath is asking after, as a 
film of animal agricultural.

I'd also recommend Richard Kerr's Hawkesville to Wallenstein, a film of Amish 
farmers in Waterloo County in Canada.


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Lots of Anne Charlotte Robertson's work, especially Melon Patches and Emily 

Robbie Land's Matters of Bioluminessence has a section depicting growth of 

Animals: lots of Brakhage. I haven't seen The Loom (1986), but by description 
it may qualify - depending on how strict a definition of agriculture you have 
in mind.

I once saw a Ben van Meter film - I think it was made later than the 60s work 
for which he's best known - about a chicken farmer on LSD.

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On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 12:50 PM, Heath Iverson 
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Any suggestions on avant-garde/experimental films that deal with any aspects of 
farming/gardening/plant or animal agriculture?

A few examples might be Marjorie Keller's Answering Furrow or Lucien 
Castaing-Taylor's Sweetgrass. Other ideas?

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