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The new, sixth issue of *INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media *is now in
print and ready-to-ship. Themed "Forever," the issue features contributions
by nearly three dozen movie artists and media archivists spanning the
written word, the moving image, comics, found photography, video art,
Twitter, and even comedy. A multiples edition (with art by Bradley Eros,
Jon Dieringer, a reissue of the special audio cassette tape issue of the
legendary experimental film magazine/artbook SPIRAL, and more) is also
available. Details below.



*INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media*
*Issue #∞: Forever*

Edited by Walter Forsberg & John Klacsmann

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*Contributors: *@timebasedmedia, Peggy Ahwesh, Anonymous, Craig Baldwin,
Nadia Baram Larralde, Michael Betancourt, Mark Byrnes, Terry Cannon,
Rutherford Chang, Steve Cossman, Kevin Croker, Jon Dieringer, Clint Enns,
Bradley Eros, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Jason Fulford, Marsha Gordon,
Sabine Gruffat, Cheryl Hann, Brett Kashmere, John Klacsmann, Andrew
Lampert, Charles Levine, Ross Lipman, Amy Lockhart, John Madey, Zak
Marmalefsky, Jesse McLean, T. K. Peters, Greg Pierce, Suzanne
Porath, Sabrina Ratté, Samplerman, Soda_Jerk, Leslie Supnet

*"In contemporary economies of immediacy and connectivity, what
is temporality’s role and relevance other than as a force to be exploded?"*

Why are LPs and film reels and optical discs and iPod menu buttons all
circular? What does it mean to wait 8 hours in line to see Marclay’s “The
Clock”? Why does Hollis Frampton scholar Clint Enns claim: “Duration is
Dead”? Who wore post-apocalyptic 1980s cinema better: Darryl Hannah, or
Neil Young + DEVO? Is La Monte Young a spinning disk or a flash memory kind
of guy? Why did film loop installations become art-world de rigger as Kodak
went into bankruptcy protection? What the fuck is “time-based media”?
Are screensavers art? What does it mean to be "permanently preserved"? Is
that even possible? Why don’t they make them like they used to? Does it
really matter?

230 pages
Full color, perfect bound
$25 USD / $35 USD (artist multiples edition) + shipping
*Institutional-use pricing and digital version also available. *


ARTIST MULTIPLES include: *BLACK HOLE CINEMA Dossier, *a zine by Bradley
Eros; special re-issue of *SPIRAL* No. 3 (April 1985), Compact Cassette
tape; INCITE #∞ Call For Entries flier by issue editors; *24 HOUR WEEKEND
AT BERNIE'S *Blu-ray Disc by Jon Dieringer; DURATION IS DEAD sticker by
Klacsmann; EXPANDED CINEMA COUNTER-ILLUMINATION button by @timebasedmedia.

*Brett Kashmere*
*INCITE Journal of Experimental Media*
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