With or without a lease agreement, is it even legal to give someone, especially 
a long-term tenant, just 30 days to vacate their rental?

Have you thought of creating an online petition (such as, "sumofus") in order 
to press for an eviction deferral?  I'd sign it!

Good luck



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> On Apr 21, 2016, at 9:38 AM, Bryan Konefsky <bkonef...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone - on the heels of another very successful Experiments in 
> Cinema festival Basement Films has been informed by our landlord, the Harwood 
> Art Center, that we are being evicted from our studio/archive that we have 
> occupied for 20+ years in Albuquerque.  The really crappy part is that we 
> only have 30 days to vacate our 2000 square foot space.  This studio/archive 
> is not only where we work and create but it also housed a culturally 
> important collection of more than 8000 16mm films (the largest collection of 
> educational films in the southwest).  Presently we are asking for an 
> extension of time to vacate our studio AND we are also looking for someone 
> who might be interested in a way-big tax write off.  That is, we are hoping 
> to find 2000+ square feet of space donated to our non- profit in exchange for 
> a substantial tax deduction.... Additionally you should be hearing soon about 
> a Kickstarter style campaign that we will stage to help raise funds for the 
> move.
> Thanks (in advance) for your help and well wishes!
> Bryan Konefsky
> president, Basement Films
> founder/director, Experiments in Cinema
> Great art has always gone to the masses, to their hopes and dreams, for that 
> spark that kindled their souls. The rest, "the many, all too many" as 
> Nietzsche called mediocrity, have been mere commodities that can be bought 
> with money, cheap glory, or social position.
> - Emma Goldman
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