Yes, James Blue's film THE MARCH was sUSIA film, and it's sympathetic picture 
of the Civil Rights movement and acknowledgment of racism drew some 
Congressional attacks. 

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> While not avant garde in the usual sense, various people who lived abroad at 
> that time told me that the films of the US Space Program were among the most 
> seen USIA films.  They were available from Embassies and consulates and 
> sought after not only for their spectacular images, but for being not 
> obviously didactic, as so many of the other USIA films were.  Also these 
> films were free to nonprofits like schools.
> As you know, but others may not, Congress prohibited USIA films from being 
> shown in the USA itself: Congress reisted the idea of the Executive branch 
> making “propaganda” to be seen at home.  Many take it that the Civil Rights 
> movement was a major thing Congress wanted to block any discussion of.
> Chuck Kleinhans
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