Thanks Scott. Dumb q, what are "BH perfs" and "KS perfs"? and not sure what you 
mean by "tear at perfs" vs. sprocket failure?

Though it's a dinosaur, it's impressive how good the image quality is on film 
output - actually 4K dpi long before that was a digital trend.

Scott Stark

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5207 is a weak acetate-based film with the weaker BH perfs.  It should tear at 
the perfs long before a sprocket fails.  So I'm really curious how you are 
getting sprocket damage.

I'd send it off to Photo-Sonics for a clean and lube if you don't have the 
manual or the ability to do it in-house.  I think that Whitehouse AV has also 
worked on some of those.  Marty Forscher was probably the guru but he has been 
deceased for a couple decades now.

5207 is awfully fast for those things too, but I don't think 5272 is available 
with KS perfs anymore anyway.  There's always still film.

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