I'm sorry that you have had a rough life. You're not the only one. You're certainly not the only member of this list who lacked a their own place for many months, though thankfully I was always able to sleep indoors somewhere. I do hope you can act on your own to make things better.

As for Stan Brakhage, he may have been generally encouraging, but in terms of offering filmmakers specific support, as in praise or by purchasing prints, he only did so when he saw and believed in their work. Maybe your work will turn out to be really great, but I've seen a lot of films in the "pure cinema" mode that I didn't much get. Maybe that was my failing as a viewer. Their makers often did think their own work was great.

I joined FrameWorks twenty years ago not to receive or give "support" but to engage in serious discussions about cinema and to keep track of what was going on. I did engage in some serious discussions. I also wound up in a few unfortunate flame wars. Now real discussions are rare. "Give me money" is common.

One I hope helpful hint: insulting the members of a community is not the best way to gain their support.

Good luck with your project.

Fred Camper
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