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Filmmaker in attendance.
16mm + HD projection.
Terra Long is an independent filmmaker and educator. She creates tapestry like 
works that draw on natural history, deep time, and the space between the real 
and the imaginary. Her works have screened at festivals and micro cinemas all 
over the world including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, CPH DOX, in the Wavelengths 
section at Toronto International Film Festival, and the Images Festival in her 
hometown of Toronto. She is also a member of the Independent Imaging Retreat 
Collective (Film Farm). 

Parallax is a displacement in the visible position of an object viewed along 
two different lines of sight. This program consists of works that live in the 
space between the subject and the object infinitely tracing distances and 
alternating views. Whether this approach is mediated through an archive, the 
landscape, collecting clues, or tracking the moon, the artists seem to suggest 
that negotiating disjunctive perception is also how we remember.

Programme selected by Terra Long.
Sinclair Gas Ads - 4 min - HD 
Bloom - Scott Stark - 12min - SD 
Notes from the Anthropocene - Terra Long - 16 min - HD 
Lunar Almanac - Malena Szlam - 4 min - 16mm 
The Dragon is the Frame - Mary Helena Clark - 14 min - 16mm 
350 MYA - Terra Long - 5 min - 16mm 

55mins | 16mm + HD

20h00 | $7
[la lumière | 7080, rue Alexandra, #506, Montréal]

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