Hi Jonathan,

That is very strange. I have projected *The Flicker *2 or 3 times so far;
print always came from LUX and the sound of course was optical and on the
print. I believe the light patterns (the actual flick) are synchronized
with sound in a very precise manner, as there is a crescendo in both image
and sound, reaching a peak aproximately at the middle of the film, and then
(optical and sonic) rhythm begins to decend. So, good luck! You may need to
ask for an explanation though.

The Warning also had a different soundtrack on it, if memory serves...

2017-02-27 18:21 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Walley <wall...@denison.edu>:

> Hello everyone,
> I’m showing *The Flicker* tomorrow in a seminar, and the print arrived
> from Filmmakers’ Coop with sound on CD (no optical track), which surprised
> me. When I’ve rented the film in the past, the print came had an optical
> track; to confirm my memory of this, I looked at images of the strip online
> (http://anthologyfilmarchives.org/collections/reference-library/stills/494).
> I don’t remember showing it any other way.
> The instructions that came with the print simply indicate that the CD
> should be started with the picture, but my understanding is that the rhythm
> of the sound is supposed to be synchronized with the flicker patterns in
> the image. Am I wrong?
> Anyone know something about this? I can contact MM at FMC (though I know
> she’s also on this list), but I thought I’d also put the question to the
> larger Frameworks community to see if anyone has projected *The Flicker*
> this way, and if anyone has tips, ideas, experiences, etc., to share.
> Tony Conrad: continuing to baffle and challenge us from beyond.
> Best,
> JW
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