I can confirm that in 2009, when Tony Conrad appeared in person at San
Francisco Cinematheque, *The Flicker *was screened with soundtrack from a
CD provided by Conrad. He specifically informed us that this was a *stereo*
version of the usual 16mm mono soundtrack. I do not recall his instructions
as to when to push "play" or whatever but obviously there is no way that
anything like frame-for-frame sync was achieved this way. I personally have
my doubts that the original (16mm optical) soundtrack is as closely synced
as others are claiming but I have no way of backing this up. By my
recollection, indeed the warning section of *The Flicker* has a different
soundtrack (old time movie music, right?). I do not recall how this was
dealt with during the in-person stero-soundtrack-from-CD presentation of
the film in 2009.

Info on *Tony Conrad: Flickering Jewel* April 3–5, 2009:
Program One <http://www.sfcinematheque.org/immersive_cinema_spring_2009/>
Program Two
Program Three

If anyone is interested, Cinematheque will present a two-part Conrad
tribute in San Francisco March 24–26, 2017, including a screening of *Tony
Conrad: Completely in the Present*
Tyler Hubby's recent documentary portrait of Conrad and a screening of films
by Conrad
including *The Flicker* (remains to be seen whether the sndtk will be
optical or CD).

Steve Polta

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 9:32 AM, Esperanza Collado <
esperanzacolla...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> That is very strange. I have projected *The Flicker *2 or 3 times so far;
> print always came from LUX and the sound of course was optical and on the
> print. I believe the light patterns (the actual flick) are synchronized
> with sound in a very precise manner, as there is a crescendo in both image
> and sound, reaching a peak aproximately at the middle of the film, and then
> (optical and sonic) rhythm begins to decend. So, good luck! You may need to
> ask for an explanation though.
> The Warning also had a different soundtrack on it, if memory serves...
> 2017-02-27 18:21 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Walley <wall...@denison.edu>:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I’m showing *The Flicker* tomorrow in a seminar, and the print arrived
>> from Filmmakers’ Coop with sound on CD (no optical track), which surprised
>> me. When I’ve rented the film in the past, the print came had an optical
>> track; to confirm my memory of this, I looked at images of the strip online
>> (http://anthologyfilmarchives.org/collections/reference-libr
>> ary/stills/494). I don’t remember showing it any other way.
>> The instructions that came with the print simply indicate that the CD
>> should be started with the picture, but my understanding is that the rhythm
>> of the sound is supposed to be synchronized with the flicker patterns in
>> the image. Am I wrong?
>> Anyone know something about this? I can contact MM at FMC (though I know
>> she’s also on this list), but I thought I’d also put the question to the
>> larger Frameworks community to see if anyone has projected *The Flicker*
>> this way, and if anyone has tips, ideas, experiences, etc., to share.
>> Tony Conrad: continuing to baffle and challenge us from beyond.
>> Best,
>> JW
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