Maybe someone already recommended this but here it goes.  Certainly one of my 
favorite films that deals very consciously with the idea of truth is Buñuel's 
"Las Hurdes".  Very early on, Buñuel is already questioning the expositive 
modality of documentaries in the tradition of "Nanook of the North" and plays 
around with the dormant position of the spectator who, without the slightest 
sense of doubt, places all its trust in the messages delivered by what sounds 
like an objective, all-knowing voice over.

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Harald Hund's Empire of Evil:

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Hello again everyone.

A while ago I asked about films that focused on the theme of lying. Recently I 
rewatched Man with a Move Camera (1929) and Megacities (1998) and both seemed 
to be examples of how the camera, or camera man, can alter the definition of 
truth in documentaries, that claim to present subject matter as truth. I know 
this is a vague set up and the topic of "truth" could be elaborated on for 
hours and hours. But. I'm just looking for films, docs and essays, that 
theorize the idea of truth and play with the audience's expectation. I've 
already been given F for Fake, David Holzman's Diary and Bleu Shut as examples 
from my last email. Is there any more out there?


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