Hello Jonathan,

She should definitely have an archivist, collector or experienced film
handler look at this collection before she tosses it!

Home Movie Day is coming up (October 21st) - is there a location near you
that will host an event?  That would be a good place to recommend she take
the films, so they can be inspected or at least assessed by someone who has
experience with film. They would also be able to recommend the best local
place for disposal.

She could also contact the Center for Home Movies for more resources.

Tara Merenda Nelson
Visual Studies Workshop
Rochester, NY

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 11:46 AM, Jonathan Walley <wall...@denison.edu>

> Hello Frameworkers of the world,
> This question isn’t exactly on point, but I’ll try. Someone I know has
> what she calls “old film,” including 16mm and 35mm still negatives. By old,
> she means old enough to possibly be nitrate-based, but it might be acetate.
> Or it could be a mixture of both. She says that they are deteriorating
> badly, to the extent that they are likely beyond rescue. What she wants to
> know is whether there are any special rules or guidelines for disposing of
> this stuff safely. She’s wary of just tossing it in the trash. Any ideas
> about this?
> Apparently some members of her family worked for Kodak way, way back in
> the day, which is how she’s come into possession of this stuff. I told her
> I would reach out to some folks in the know and see what I got back. So I’m
> doing that here and now.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas. You may contact me off-list at the above
> email, or I guess we could keep this on list.
> Best,
> Jonathan
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