Louise O'Konor's monograph on Viking Eggeling

Jeanpaul Goergen, ed., Walther Ruttmann: Eine Dokumentation.Freunde der
Deutschen Kinemathek (1989)  (contact CVM if you cannot find this).

Recent Oskar Fischinger monograph, includes material on his 1920s work:
Keefer, Cindy and J. Guldemond, eds. *Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967),
Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction*.  2003, distributed by Thames & Hudson

Ingo is correct, be careful of Richter's film dates and other information,
especially about the other abstract filmmakers working in the 1920s. Much
of what he published in the *Art in Cinema* catalog, for example, is
factually incorrect (Fischinger wrote a very strong letter correcting
errors, stating nearly all of what he wrote is false. Some is quoted in the
Fischinger book above, and some on the CVM Fischinger research site).

See Jeanpaul Goergen's recent small monograph on Richter, about his
backdating of the films.  I'm traveling and don't have full citation, sorry.

There is also a wonderful recent collection of texts and writing on
absolute film and film in the 1920s, I will find that citation next week.
German publication.

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