Dear celluloid enthusiasts,

I'm working on 16mm Bolex, travelling worldwide.
Can I ask you some advices?

1.Do you have any experiences in airport x-ray damages? Is x-ray effective
or not? Do lead-line bags protect the material or make even more problems
with security guards?
Airports say it's OK till 400 ISO, Kodak shows the damages caused by x-ray.
Do you know any courier without x-ray checking?

2.Do you know any 16mm material produced presently besides Kodak?
The only one I know is Foma, a bad quality reversal material for same prize
as Kodak.

Any advices highly appreciated.


Gyula Nemes

Nemes Gyula
Absolut Film Studio
Budapest 1025 Pusztaszeri Ășt 11-13.
+36 20 9856277 <+36%2020%20985%206277>
fb: Zero - Nemes Gyula filmje
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