I ask for a hand-inspection and I have never had any problems getting a
hand inspect on film except in Germany.  Travelling within Europe it's
often a good idea just to ship film ahead by mail.  Mark the packages
DO NOT X-RAY and you will not have an issue.

Orwo makes excellent B&W filmstock, and there is some Agfa reversal film
stock out there which has been discussed here in the past.  Fuji is no
longer making 16mm film but they stopped recently enough that there is good
16mm color negative stock in freezers from Fuji.  Ferrania is talking about
doing 16mm once they can get their line working properly.

Ilford says they will do HP5 and FP4 in 16mm if they can get a large enough
order to make it worthwhile.  I don't know how large an order that is, but
it sounds pretty large.
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