There are a bunch of Russian LOMO 16mm tanks on ebay right now starting at around $100. I think they are designed to hold two lengths of 15m or about 50 feet at a time when developing so you then have to splice the two parts together of a 100' spool after processing for projection. These are probably your best bet. Once in a blue moon you will also see the large steel 100 foot slot type developing reels for sale from the 1940s. These work well too but you have to always remember to insert the unprocessed film emulsion side out. 

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Hi Frameworkers,

I'm looking for some advice of developing tanks for 16mm film. I've processed quite a bit of S8mm rolls using a 2x120 tank and liked the hand-processing artifacts to clean processing ratio, but thinking 100' of 16mm would be too much for this sized tank.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

I'm thinking of the 3x120 version made by Paterson:


The 5x120 version also by Paterson (too much?):

Thanks in advance!

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