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More info on our website as well: www.microscopegallery.com

Microscope presents as part of our emerging series YES, a solo screening of
video works by Madsen Minax, an interdisciplinary artist whose work is
influenced by his participation in justice-oriented communities and
concerned with “the entanglements of human connectivity” and “the nature of
transformation”. In his works, Minax engages with identity and personal
experience, often by connecting them to larger technological, existential,
social, alchemical, or cosmological themes and through the use of narrating
voice. His videos employ both original and appropriated footage and combine
various approaches - documentary, experimental, narrative, 3D animation,
performance, among others.

The 55-minute program features four short videos completed between 2016 and
2018. In “To Summon and Chase Away” (2016), shot in video and Super 8mm,
Minax’s camera follows a boy in the cold winter scape of a post-industrial,
rural town as scenes from his past and future conflate with his present.
“Because of Us” (2017), which includes texts from the 1998 book by Marshall
T. Savage “The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy
Steps", blends together sequences from educational found films with 3D
animated night sky imagery, and reflects upon the mystery of the beginning
of life in the universe, our human-centered view of technological
advancement, and the implications of dreams of colonizing the galaxy.

Admission $8
Members and Students $6

more info & program: www.microscopegallery.com
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