Today's podcast is about autism, which is so much in the news lately. I am
interviewing my daughter Megan about her son Adam (almost 6), who has a
diagnosis of autism.

Her toddler Michael was sitting on her lap, and tries to get into the
conversation. When the recorder, with its foam ball windscreen, comes his
way, he tries to take a bite out of it.

I wrote a column about Adam and autism for Beliefnet a year or so ago, and
was blessed by the response. I have become convinced that this is a genuine
increase, and not just better diagnosis; school teachers tell me that they
are definitely seeing more of these children than they used to. I wonder
what life will be like when they become adults, 20 years from now, and we
are encountering them everywhere. "Loving a Child with

Grandin, a woman with autism, has written some terrific books about what it
is like for her, and in particular how it provides her with a mind she
thinks is more like an animal's, which enables her to understand animals. I
particularly liked her book, "Animals in
can read some of the book at that link.)

Oliver Sacks is a neurologist and an author who writes with compassion about
his patients with autism, brain injury, and other conditions. In  "An
Anthropologist on
he profiles 7 of his patients, including Temple Grandin and other autists.
(Most interesting to me: a surgeon with Tourette's!)

Frederica Mathewes-Green
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