On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 05:41:01 PM George Patterson wrote:

> Ahhh Trusted (read Treacherous) Computing. I thought that idea was
> buried years ago. I guess the question will be, will the purchaser
> of the hardware be able to install a non-Microsoft OS?

It depends if the system is Windows 8 certified and ships with a
*client* license of Windows 8 *and* if the hardware vendor has got
around to implementing the ability to boot an unsigned boot loader.

This update from Matthew Garrett states that Red Hat have already
learned that some hardware will ship without that implemented, so
in that case - no.  It'll be Windows 8 or later only for those PCs.


> If not, I'm not sure who the hardware owner is under this model.


> Will we be reduced to mod-chipping "our" PCs in another five years.

Or supporting people who desktop PC's with other OS's on them,
like VG Computing in Melbourne or ZAReason in the US.

> On another note, what have the white boxes or build it yourself?

For other systems - it depends if it's Windows 8 logo certified or
not.  For build it your own you're probably OK.

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