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> Unfortunately, based on my experience, you will have to compile the
> specs.

Thank you for responding with encouragement nevertheless:

> Fortunately, its not 2000 any more: most of the components are
> supported by kernel drivers - the "horror driver stories" mostly
> pertains to "medieval ages" nowadays (even the laptops support a linux
> installation out of the box).

Yes, but that's the easy claim to make these days.

The pertinent question is: Do they support Linux *without binary blobs*,
such as found in Trisquel or gNewSense or Debian with only free
software, out of the box?

That's the question I know has been answered thousands of times by
others for specified hardware configurations, and am hoping that
knowledge doesn't need to be discovered yet again in my case.

> I suggest you give a try.

Thanks, I will if I can actually get their attention; when I've bought
from them in the past they've been insanely busy :-)

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