I was looking at the easy advocacy page on the wiki, and saw the getting
involved in Unis part. I figured as a student I'd be able to shed some more
light through my experiences.

Getting involved in Unis

   - doing your course with free software - Andy K

At the moment, you can't do it with fully free software (at least at
Monash). Sometimes even required to use proprietary windows only software.

   - free software tools

Sometimes actively encouraged, sometimes not permitted. Never seen it
encouraged due to being free software, always another reason. Sometimes it
gets mentioned that it's free software, though generally referred to as
open source.

   - lab computer

At Monash the IT lab computers dual boot windows and some distro I can't
remember, but they keep that distro really out of date and don't even
install dev tools on it in IT labs. One of my tutors last semester thinks
it's so no one will use it so they won't have to support it. Given that,
I'd expect active resistance to trying to get the tools we need on them.

   - are we focusing on unis or students?

I think they tie together. You can target students through unis, for
example a lug is starting at Monash Clayton soon, and hopefully we can do
something about these issues around the uni, thus using students to target
the uni.

   - requirements on submitting assignments
      - getting course requirements changed
   - Ben F: does MS office naively support ODF?

I don't know, but you receive a list of formats you are allowed to submit
in - for anything you would want to submit as odt it ranges from .doc only,
pdf only or both.

   - course coordinators?

Some could be sympathetic, but I see it being very difficult to get them to
allow using fully free software. Allowing complete use of a free software
operating system is more realistic for now.
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