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> Am a bit confused here - does this mean it is not possible to
> distribute iOS apps outside Apple's market? Some people have said yes,
> others have said no.

You may be getting inconsistent answers because the question is vague.
What do you mean by “possible”?

Is it possible to distribute iOS apps outside Apple's store? Of course;
the internet can carry any stream of bits to any device. But if you mean
something other than “possible”, the answer will be different.

The only way, TTBOMK, that Apple will distribute a program through its
store is under a Developer Program License Agreement. One of the terms
of that agreement is:

    Applications developed under this Agreement can be distributed in
    two ways: (1) through the App Store, if selected by Apple, and (2)
    on a limited basis for use on Registered Devices (as defined below).


    “Registered Devices” means iPhone or iPod touch devices owned or
    controlled by You, or owned by individuals who are affiliated with
    You, that You have specificallt registered with Apple under this


Hence, as a condition of distributing through the Apple store at all,
the above agreement requires the distribution be exclusively through
that store (with a limited exception for “Registered Devices”: the
developer's machine and various other machines for developing the work,
each one of which must be approved and registered with Apple).

So, distributing a program under the above agreement would make it a
violation of the agreement to distribute the program in any other way.

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