Hi folks,

Sorry for being so quiet recently and missing meetings, a combination
of lots of work and some timetable clashes..

The US company ZaReason who build Linux systems (and are currently
investigating opening a store in New Zealand) have been working on a
fully open Android tablet for some time now.   Well it's now appeared
on their website for pre-orders (unlinked from the rest of the site,
but tweeted about) here:


I've blogged about it here:


summarising what I've learnt from their tweets and from their site,
plus noting that the status of their GPU driver is unclear (there is
an open source driver in development, but its maturity is claimed to
be low).

The tablet ships with CyanogenMod 9 and an unlocked boot loader.  I
would presume it doesn't ship with the Google Apps as they're not open.
I've asked via Twitter if they plan on having F-Droid installed by default.

Timely given the interest in free software Android devices!

 Chris Samuel  :  http://www.csamuel.org/  :  Melbourne, VIC

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