On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 6:34 PM, Ben Sturmfels <b...@stumbles.id.au> wrote:
> Thanks for the patent related discussion folks. I'll look forward to telling
> you about the presentation I made in Sydney, hopefully at the next Free
> Software Melbourne meeting.
> Can I suggest taking further patent discussion to the End Software Patents
> Australia list? That way others can be involved too.
Can I suggest as a topic of discussion (sometime): "The need of
national identity for FOSS"?
Rationale: "End Software Patents Australia" doesn't *seem* to have
enough ammunition in raising to *Australian* politicians the point of
"But is the *Australian* FOSS movement that suffers because of the
software patents".

See: http://wiki.freesoftware.asn.au/AustralianFreeSoftwareProjects -
not that many IMHO.

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