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> Now, my question: what an email address has to do with the identity of the
> owner?

An email address is always globally unique. A common name (e.g. “Ben
Finney”) is often not globally unique.

Therefore, to identify an individual person, an email address is better
than only a name. Better still is their name and an email address for

> By the same measure, what the "full person name" or any other
> "govt/authority emitted ID" have to do with the identity of the owner?

Identity is a problem without a simple solution. A big part of human
brains is, quite literally, designed to deal with the problem.

Gathering easily-verifiable low-collision evidence of a person's unique
identity – e.g. email address, government-issued identifiers, photos,
etc. – makes the problem easier to deal with.

But if you're implying there is no perfect solution to the problem of
identifying people? Of course, there isn't. Yet we still need to deal
with the problem.

> E.g. assume that

Let's keep it to real examples. Hypothetical examples that are difficult
to deal with are endless, but they don't defeat the purpose of
identifying people to the best of our ability.

In other words: Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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