Hey guys.

I'd like to express my enthusiasm for getting a hold of the Gnews notes. I
just joined this list assuming this is where they will be posted. But in
case not, where will they be?

Also, I took the liberty of calling the department of education in Victoria
to get a feel for what it would take to get Free Software in schools. They
directed me to

On the left hand side of that page you can see links to other related
areas. But they did make it clear to me that these sorts of things are
handled by the actual school. That is to say what the school buys for their
students and staff is up to the school, no the department. The department
provides guidance but not final say (though you can see the bias fairly

So it could be worth talking to a few principals to understand how they
think. From there a trial presentation/demonstration can be put together,
get a room full of them and just get some feedback so that a solid project
could begin with some focussed direction.

And lastly on the topic of workshops for getting started contributing to
free software projects. Yes please. Give me one job to do to that will get
that ball rolling. Coz I wants it. There are things I would like to
contribute to but don't know where to begin (or more truthfully feel like I
have nothing to offer).

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