It appears that is available on the 23rd May But not
the Saturday before.

Can we nail down some details so I can send him information? Probably best
to create the Meetup Page for the event before hand. Guy I spoke to seemed
to want that. I'm happy to make the Meetup page happen if I have the info
needed. I'm sure it'll take little more than an hour to write up something


On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 5:18 PM, Ben Finney <
> wrote:

> Scott Junner <>
> writes:
> > Failing that, what about the room in Building 91 at RMIT? Is that not
> > appropriate?
> We are rapidly losing legitimate access to that room. We want to find a
> new place to hold meetings.
> In the past several members had continual emplyer-related access to RMIT
> building 91's training room. But changes in office locations have now
> resulted in almost none of our members with a justification to have
> security access there.
> We have not (yet) been told that our access will be revoked. But it's
> clear that we are relying on the generosity of our hosts and perhaps
> their leniency in Enforcing overlooking their own security policies.
> That's not a situation we can in good conscience rely on.
> What locations can members suggest for our general meetings?
> Requirements, in my opinion:
> * Central (CBD if possible), for ensuring most people have the ability
>   to get there.
> * Inexpensive, preferably no fee, for our group to use.
> * Available when some of our committee can't attend — no reliance on any
>   one person to show up.
> * Available on a weeknight once per month, and for irregular events at
>   other times.
> Good to have:
> * Power cables for computers.
> * Internet access via 802.11 wi-fi for our members, including people who
>   haven't declared they will attend.
> * Overhead projector with cables to connect for presentations.
> * Management friendly to software freedom: this would be a bonus because
>   they might have a representitive join us, and we would have some
>   assurance they will like the meetings to continue.
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