On 14/06/2016 12:43 PM, Riley Baird wrote:
> The City of Casey has released their draft budget. In it, they propose
> to spend more than $1 million on software. Some examples: $45000 is
> allocated to upgrade Windows, Office and Exchange, $420000 is allocated
> to venue booking software and $40000 is allocated to "business process
> software purchases".

Uggh, they are my council too.

The biggest trouble with councils is that they are corporations that we
are forced to do business with if we own property in their area; like it
or not.  The rates they levy are exhorbitant and related to the so
called "value" of a property -- the Victorian government legislated that
the councils can charge so much per $1,000 value of the property (or
something like that).  Now, if we save them money, that actually
probably won't make any difference to the rates they charge us, it will
just be more cream for them and their high staff salaries -- especially
the excecutive.  Oh and don't ever allow the Australian Constitution to
be changed to make them local government as that will only make them
worse and they'll get away with ripping us off much more.

Of course I don't want their monies or anyone elses to go to the likes
of Micro$oft ... that alone would be a good reason to make a submission,
but I wouldn't hold my breath as councils effectively have very large
budgets and they don't seem to care about waste.

> Thanks,
> Riley Baird
> ----
> [1] http://caseyconversations.com.au/budget/documents/36443/download

I do hope that people make submissions just the same, but I hope you
don't waste too much time with it unless there is a real prospect of
winning business in the right areas.  I won't have time to make any kind
of useful submission by the deadline myself.

Kind Regards

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