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> Hi all,
> I've mashed up all our ideas and suggestions and have something rather
> presentable here: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/fsm-City-of-Casey
> Please don't leave comments as this is what we will be sending, but do make
> any improvements that you can see or corrections you can make. I'll take a
> "late lunch" and try and send this about 3~4pm ... until then improve away
> (checking that all the links work and point to the desired pages is
> something easy to do and yet to be done, also making the language
> consistent like always using FOSS or Free an Open Source Software would be
> neat)
> Thanks to everyone who chipped in research, suggested alternatives,
> examples and words in general :D

That looks great, thanks for putting it all together. I reckon that
it's ready to send off.

Oh, and I just got a response from Council about what "Business process
software purchases" is. Unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense:

Casey will be undertaking market testing to procure a business process
management software tool to support the development of more efficient
and effective processes aimed at delivering a better customer
experience and increasing productivity. This will support the Lean
business improvement methodology that is being introduced to the

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