On 13/01/17 13:55, Riley Baird wrote:
>> The site is called 'UnblockOz' and it is available on
>> https://unblockoz.org This
>> website demonstrates how one can change the DNS records, choose a reliable
>> VPN provider or download the Tor browser to evade this ISP blocking.
>> Please let us know what you think and pull requests are welcome on
>> https://github.com/cryptoaustralia/unblockoz
> Interesting site; glad to see that you've included OpenNIC on your list
> of your list of DNS servers. I can't wait until the Tor Browser will be
> officially released for ARM.

We need more than that.

There is a Devuan based distro (systemd not there, more hardening and
more free with binary blobs removed), version of tails with the name of
heads.  Don't know when it will be ready, but it is what we need.

Almost all my traffic has been going over the Tor network, even sites
like facebook (yes, shudder), but they have a .onion address, privoxy
also has a .onion address.  Devuan can be updated via .onion too, but I
haven't set that up yet.

Make sure you use socks5 proxy with remote DNS resolution.  Also, make
sure you use https whenever that is possible or .onion resources when
they are available (with or without https).



Pro Publica (Journalism in the Public Interest)


DuckDuckGo via .onion

torproject resources that should be trustable:

When a site uses https and a .onion address, like FB and propublica have
done, you get even more assurance that the site is legitimate; howver,
even .onion site browsing is fully encrypted without https.


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