I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the media center features of the 360? I was thinking it would be great to feed the 360 video feeds from a Linux system, and somehow integrate it w/ myth- tv (or any other linux dvr software for that matter), running on a separate PC backend. As I don't have a 360 yet, I can't play with it - yet. Does anyone know how the 360's media-center works? Is there some kind of special streaming protocol, or does it just use smb networking - or both? Better yet, if there is some kind of special protocol (this is Micro$oft, afterall!), has anyone started working on figuring it out? I wouldn't think DRM would be a huge deal with this setup, since the Linux system would be providing un-protected feeds, not pulling DRM protected feeds from a media center PC. Anyway, just some thoughts - lemme know what ya'all think about it!


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