Mod chips are legal in many countries and could be of significant use to those seeking to legally change the functionality of their Xbox 360.

The potential value of the kiosk disc due to it's lack of a media flag is obvious. A mod chip potentially allows all media to shed it's media flag so may be a tool through which Linux finds it's way to the 360.

I don't see any reason to avoid legitimate discussion of mod chips or booting backups. Admittedly, when most people talk of 'booting backups' it is a thinly veiled attempt at renaming piracy, however, making and using backups IS still legal under most fair use laws.

This chip is most certainly a fake, however when chips do appear it would be prudent to evaluate their usefulness in achieving our goals even if they 'only support booting backups.'

Anyone see anything wrong with third party chips in an Xbox1 using Cromwell?

Of course, I'm all for dropping the conversation about this 'team' and their 'chip' as they seem far from legitimate.

My $.02

Joni Aaltonen wrote:
Please, no discussion about this on the mailing list.

Even if It would be true, it’d only support booting backups which is NOT our goal in this project.

If you want to know more about the “chip” just check X-S forum.



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It must be bogas:

a) Lots of spelling mistakes together with flashy website.

b) Amongs other things, the website says:

"Previous pictures that were posted wasdue to a falling out between the team webmaster, and the team lead. Those pictures are confirmed fake, and not a prototype whatsoever, please delete them. The final version will have nothing to do with those pictures whatsoever, and will be composed of an actel chip placed on a pcb board."

sure. the webmaster went and faked them due to a falling out....

c) They say: 20-30 wires (Depending On M$ Kernal Version) : I don't think there are that many versions of xbox 360, you say kernel and the problem is pre kernel, not sure what exactly do they mean here.


a) They show a video (which would be trivial to fake by, e.g. have another xbox hidden somewhere) b) They have contacted infinity mods: this guys will disclose them in a second if it doesn't work.

my best guess is that they want to earn on preorders and disappear.



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