The potential value of the kiosk disc due to it's lack of a media flag
is obvious.  A mod chip potentially allows all media to shed it's media
flag so may be a tool through which Linux finds it's way to the 360.


sorry for being slow, but could someone explain me what makes this kiosk disc working on any xbox 360? Is it digitally signed or how it is authorised? I've heard that there are unsigned application that actually get executed from the disc (is this true?) and if this is the case wouldn't be 'trivial' to put our code in there?  Are the standard games just a different filesystem or do they actually use a different technology (i.e. would you need an updated driver in the PC an updated firmware and a completelly different drive to read them?)

(feel free to tell me to f* off, but please point me to a wiki or discussion...)


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