So, whilst working on a mod playing lmc, I've come across a couple of things
that are hindering my progress..  Everything should be relatively easy to fix
or make work, but I figured I should ask for input before doing so, in case
there were reasons for things being the way they are..

Numero uno: mp3ism's outside of the xingmp3 lmc.  This includes things like the
PMIs trying to read a id3 tag, the PMOs basing their time info off the number of
mpeg frames the lmc sent, etc..  These (and probably other things I haven't
noticed yet) should all be moved into the lmc so that the only thing that is
file format dependent is the lmc.

#2: This may be just my poor reading of the code, but... The current PMI/LMC/PMO
interaction seems geared toward the grabbing a chunk of data, letting the
lmc perform magic on it, and giving it to the pmo.  This works great for
streamable formats, but really isn't ideal for non-streamable things like mods..
With a mod, you really need the whole file available before you start generating
the audio from it.  Hmm.. I suppose it'd be easy enough in the case of a mod
player just to have the lmc tell the pmi to read all the data from the file
before starting to do anything, but I see that as being a small waste of
memory...  I'm not completely sure, but having the option to ask the pmi to do
no buffering and just pass back a file pointer might be a good thing in this

And on to something completely unrelated.. continuous playing of files. 
Currently, the pmo is deleted after every file in a playlist.  This is bad. =) 
It makes an audible click on my system, and means you can't play files without
a small break between them..  Easiest way around this is to make the pmo
persistant across songs/lmc/whatever.  It really only should fully quit when the
audio format being played has changed, or the user presses stop.

Comments? Code is forthcoming. =)


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