Last email today I swear! The solaris compile now mostly works... kinda
I had to write another .h file that I called "sunDef.h" that basically
has this:
typedef unsigned int socklen_t;
#define NAME_MAX        14
#define kError_FeatureNotSupported      -1

but it now barfs on the rio! stuff... It originally complained abt the
fact that the arch stuff wasn't defined for it, so I added some lines in
plm/portable/pmp300/sba/rio.cpp that looked like this:

#elif defined(__SRV__)
        #include        <unistd.h>
        #include        <sys/ddi.h>
        #define         OUTPORT( p, v )                 outb( p, v )
        #define         INPORT( p )                             inb( p )
        #define         CLOCK_SECOND                    CLOCKS_PER_SEC
        #define         DELETARRAY                              delete[]

now when it goes to compile plm/portable/pmp300/sba/rio.cpp it complains
abt parse errors.... LOTS of them. Can that rio stuff be turned on and
off in the ./configure script? It's really *really* driving me batty.


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