> I am working on the download manager that will be included in 1.5. What
> I would like to do is offer the option to maximize your available
> bandwidth. Maybe that is not the correct term. What I want to do is
> given n items to download figure out how many concurrent items can be
> downloaded without oversaturating your connection. What I was thinking
> of doing was to add downloads until i saw a drop in the amount of data
> being received across all the downloads. Then pause the last one and
> wait till one of the previous items finished then continue. This sounds
> over simplistic though. Perhaps I should just let users specify the
> total number of downloads they want concurrently but it would be great
> if we could figure itout for them. Anyone with any experience in this
> stuff?

You may want to do downloads with UDP, and have the client send a "whoa,
I'm losing too many packets; throttle back n%" when things start getting
lossy (with perhaps a creep-back-up timer, too.)

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