I still want to be able to specify _the_ xml file anyway. That would enable
one to have theme with essentially the same graphics (or minor variations)
+ multiple layouts! 

Or, as Robert put it, say, theme with one xml for the player window, other
for the windowshade mode, another for playlist control window...
And no need for multiple window definitions in one .xml file!

btw, if I come to think about it, one could have multiple .xml files this
way, and would need to have some "master .ini" saying which .xml to use for
which window supported, but user still would be able to use his/hers
favourite layout.

and, then, theme would have many predefined "master .ini" files and user
would be selecting master .ini's he likes best (as I said, featuring minor
variations in, say, color, layout, things like that...).

I bet this now is harder, but if I could just convince you that it will be
real sexy thing to do....

At 18:08 9/21/99 -0400, Isaac Richards wrote:
>At 12:54 AM 9/22/99 +0300, you wrote:
>>2. theme path should probably be pointing to _the_ xml file, not directory.
>>then directory would be assumed one level up the xml file path.
>Naw, I think using the dir is the right way to do it...  We need to have a
>standardized starting xml file for the theme, or else stuff like loading
>from .tgzs or .zips won't work.
Valters "WaTT" Vingolds

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