> I still want to be able to specify _the_ xml file anyway. That would
> one to have theme with essentially the same graphics (or minor variations)
> + multiple layouts!
> Or, as Robert put it, say, theme with one xml for the player window, other
> for the windowshade mode, another for playlist control window...
> And no need for multiple window definitions in one .xml file!
> btw, if I come to think about it, one could have multiple .xml files this
> way, and would need to have some "master .ini" saying which .xml to use
> which window supported, but user still would be able to use his/hers
> favourite layout.
> and, then, theme would have many predefined "master .ini" files and user
> would be selecting master .ini's he likes best (as I said, featuring minor
> variations in, say, color, layout, things like that...).
> I bet this now is harder, but if I could just convince you that it will be
> real sexy thing to do....

That can be handled by having multiple windows in one XML file. All of this
is already possible -- switching from one window to another, rather than
switching from one theme to another. There are fewer things to take care of
this way.

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