On 01-Oct-99 Hiromasa Kato wrote:
> The beos port would directly benefit from this, as I'm having the exact same
> problem with the GNUPro derived beos toolchain. And, is it not a good idea to
> make use of strstream instead of stringstream? I don't regularly use those
> new C++ stuff (perhaps it's not as new a feature as I think it is?), so I'm
> pretty
> much at a loss as to how strstream and sstream are releated. How are they
> different?

strstreams are from an old draft of the standard, they were replaced by
stringstreams in the final.  They work differently enough to cause us problems
=) The main difference between the two being (from what I've gathered),
internally strstreams are char*, while stringstreams are strings.


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