Sounds good to me.

I've got a follow up question to that: When and where to theme files get
decompressed to? I see two reasonable options here:

1) When FreeAmp starts, it figures out what theme it needs and decompresses
it into /tmp/freeamp-$pid/theme (or X:\windows\temp\theme). When FreeAmp
closes the files get cleaned up. Pro: Less wasted disk space Con: Slower
startup time
2) When the user selects a new theme the theme is decompressed into
~/.freeamp/theme (or X:\Program Files\FreeAmp\themes\<themename> and it run
from there. The themes are never cleaned from the drive unless the user
requests it. Pro: Faster startup Con: Wasted disk space

I think I prefer option #2.

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Subject: where to install theme files to?

> So, I was thinking we need to install our default theme somewhere..
> wrong with $prefix/share/freeamp/themes/default?  Any better alternatives?
> Isaac

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