i like option 2 as well. the only downside is that if a user gets an updated
theme with the same name we might not recognize it unless they know to delete
the folder it has been expanded to. how can we get around that?


Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator wrote:

> Sounds good to me.
> I've got a follow up question to that: When and where to theme files get
> decompressed to? I see two reasonable options here:
> 1) When FreeAmp starts, it figures out what theme it needs and decompresses
> it into /tmp/freeamp-$pid/theme (or X:\windows\temp\theme). When FreeAmp
> closes the files get cleaned up. Pro: Less wasted disk space Con: Slower
> startup time
> 2) When the user selects a new theme the theme is decompressed into
> ~/.freeamp/theme (or X:\Program Files\FreeAmp\themes\<themename> and it run
> from there. The themes are never cleaned from the drive unless the user
> requests it. Pro: Faster startup Con: Wasted disk space
> I think I prefer option #2.
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> Subject: where to install theme files to?
> > So, I was thinking we need to install our default theme somewhere..
> Anything
> > wrong with $prefix/share/freeamp/themes/default?  Any better alternatives?
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> > Isaac
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