Hrm..  after I do a make install, the ThemePath preference points to the theme
in /usr/local/share/freeamp/themes.  

Also, could you see if the symlink stuff is fixed on your box?  It shouldn't be
following them at all now...


On 20-Oct-99 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I finally got my machine upgraded and it works fine on a stock RH6.0
> box! But, before I install FA I always have to mess with the
> preferences file because looking for .themes doesn't seem to work. Have
> you made some changes to that code lately? Also, I think it would be a
> good idea to reverse the search order. It should look in ./plugins and
> ./themes before looking in /usr/lib/freeamp/* so that when a person
> builds a new beta it doesn't have to interfere with their installed
> (and likely more stable) version of FreeAmp.
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