I created a defect #191 in Bugzilla, attached the patch. Please see if you
can accept it.

Here's the scoop:

Code is pretty much re-used from old FreeampUI. Just that it is MindMeld
compliant (tooltips get updated when themes change) and that callback
queries control tooltip, not comes up with some ready string.

I needed to get Rect from control, so I had to add method for that.

There is something that bothers me. (Added defect into bugzilla #195)
Multi-control Desc strings are actually manipulated by player behind that
creator's back. 
I think skin designer should be able to specify Desc and Tip for each state
on his own.
Maybe like this:

<MultiStateControl Name="Play" NumStates="2">
   <Info Desc="Start Playing||Pause the current track" 
   <Position Rect="202,122,234,155"/>
   <ControlBitmap Rect="0,68,127,135" Name="Buttons"/>

So, when control is in state 0 it's tip/desc is first string (up to ||)
and if it is in state 1 it's tip/desc is second string (part after ||).

Valters "WaTT" Vingolds
: Well, now we have to learn to think of ourselves as of a product. 

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