At 11:19 10/31/99 -0800, Mark B. Elrod wrote:
>not a bad idea... what we might want to do is provie a URL button type
>that will take you to a site. that way there could be multiple links. one
>to FreeAmp , one to a special site for instance.

hey, don't get so greedy - there is button for in 'About' already.

>Valters Vingolds wrote:
>> while I think LOGO button is great idea, in my opinion it is wrong
>> to make it to go only to BRANDING_URL site.
>> I think skin's creator should be able to set which url his LOGO button
>> goes - well, it's quite intuitive that it should point to his (skin's
>> creators) webpage - for user to check for skin updates, etc.
>> for example - emusic bands could create their own freeamp skins that
>> advertise their web presence :)
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