> it's my understanding that by giving freeamp 1.3.1 an rtp url, it should
> automagically receive title streaming on the n+1 port.  this doesn't seem
> to be working for me with obsequiem as the server and linux and win32
> clients.  am i missing something?  can you suggest any hints on where to
> dig to start tracking this down?

As Ross also pointe out, its actually on n+2, not n+1. In your obs.conf,
make sure to set the following things:

StreamTitles   yes
TitleUrl           <you URL>

BroadcastPort          4420              # Multicast port for broadcast
TitlePort              4422

Make sure there is a difference of two between the BroadcastPort and the
TitlePort. That should work ok. Let me know if it doesn't.

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