> Can you mail to me? Thanks in advance.
> If just use c/c++ code, Do you think my MIPS CPU on STB  can
> afford the
> decoding task?


There isn't anything special really, all you need to do is grab the latest
(beta 4) source code (i used
http://www.freeamp.org/download/src/freeamp-2-0-beta4.zip) and then dig into
the directory:


and you should find the C/C++ code in there to do the job.  The hard part
from there would be to strip it out from the Linux/Win32 code that it may be
slightly tied to (not sure about this though), and then start trying to
recompile it on your MIPS processor.

I personally don't anything know about the MIPS CPU, but since its a RISC
processor like the Alpha (just not as good...  ;), it should be quite adept
as the floating point aspect of the decoding process.

FWIW, on my AlphaStation 200 4/233, with a 233Mhz 21064 CPU, it eats about
20% of the CPU to decode the MP3.  This is with no Alpha optimized ASM, only
the straight C routines.

I would think you would be OK as you have enough MHz, and especially if you
can come in and optimize the decoder with MIPS specific instructions.



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