> I've downloaded freeamp source for win32, and have it compiled and running
> perfectly. (Had to rename config.win32 to config.h --- didn't see anything
> that mentioned that fact)

The build should take care of that, but for some reason that's broken.
-( Elrod?

> I need to get an idea of the layout of the project. Is there a document
> that available?

There are some docs on the web page, but they are starting to get a bit out
of date...

> Specificly, I would like to see the code for reading from an mp3 file, and
> putting into a direct sound buffer. I was trying to put the data right
> xaudio into a direct sound buffer, and didn't work (got garbled
> understandable music). My theory was to use the buffer as if I was
> data from HD.

Check out io/dsound/win32 directory in the distribution. Please note that
due to our current architecture, the directsound driver takes a lot more
processor power. All of the WAV data gets memcpy() one more time that it
should have to....

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