check out lcdproc (  the lcd UI for freeamp is a
client of LCDproc.  LCDproc also gives you an interface to the keypad of the
MtxOrb displays (if you bought one with the keypad interface).

You can add code to the freeamp LCD UI to utilize this functionality in the
lcdproc server.


Julius Xavier wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to build a car mp3 player using freeamp. I looked at couple of
> previous messages regarding this. However, I would appreciate if some one
> can shed some light on the following.
> I am not clear as to where I should start. I am planning to use
> MatrixOrbital (4*20) serial display. I look at the /ui/lcd/src and there are
> lcdui.cpp and lcd.c. socket.c. Which files I need to edit.
> if I want use LCD ui as my default, How Do I do?.
> Is there any way I can support play list with lcdui?.
> does anybody have any idea as to how to interface (any keypad or knob
> available with driver support which can be used for freeamp). I want to
> build a user friendly (easy to use) mp3 player. Any idea, pointers will be
> much appreciated?.
> thanks in advance..
> Julius
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